Getting Ready for Camp


What to Bring

  • Click here for instructions on packing for camp and to view our recommended camper packing list.
  • View the 2018 Camp Casey schedule to see what activities and meal themes we have planned throughout the week.

Where to Meet

Bus transportation will be provided to and from the Fairview Church in Seattle. 844 NE 78th Street Seattle, WA 98115

Directions to Fairview Church

Southbound on I-5 from Everett –

  • Take Exit 172 toward NE 80th St.
  • Merge onto Corliss Way N, then slight left to NE 80th
  • Turn Right at 8th Ave NE
  • Turn Left at NE 78th St.

Northbound on I-5 from Tacoma –

  • Take Exit 171 toward Bothell (Hwy 522)
  • Turn Left at NE 80th St.
  • Turn Left at Roosevelt Way
  • Turn Right at NE 78th St.

Departure to Camp

Be at Fairview Church by 9am on Sunday (first day of camp) to drop off your camper. We cannot hold the bus, so plan to be on time! Campers arriving after the bus departure will have to drive, at their own expense, to Camp Casey.

We will have tables set up for each barracks when you arrive.  Check in with your barracks captains and pick up your name tag, ID bracelet and luggage tags. Put the luggage tags on each piece of luggage and equipment, including wheelchairs.  Please also be sure to check in with the nursing staff at your table; you must check in with the nurse even if you aren’t bringing any medications. They will take your medications, special foods, adapted eating utensils or formula (please don’t pack these things).  Be sure that the nurse has the best phone number to reach you in the event there are any questions while your camper is at camp. After that, say goodbye to your child and our counselors will help them onto a bus.

Health and Safety Notes: Please do not send your camper to camp if he or she is exhibiting any symptoms of the flu.  The symptoms of flu include: fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, tiredness, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. According to the Center for Disease control, “encourage sick campers and staff to stay home and/or away from others for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever without the use of fever reducing medicine.”  Once your child is symptom free Kiwanis Camp Casey staff will do everything in their power to help your camper attend the remaining week of camp. Please contact the director or camp head nurse should you need assistance. We appreciate your cooperation.  

Return from Camp

Parents, be at Fairview Church before noon on Saturday (final day of camp) to pick up your camper. Our plan is to take the 10am ferry from Clinton to Mukilteo.

Check out with your barracks captains and pick up remaining medications or supplies from the nurses. Medications will be packed inside the camper’s luggage.  Also, stop by the Arts & Crafts table to pick up your art projects as well as the Lost and Found table. After camp all unlabeled lost and found will be sent to a thrift store; if items are labeled we will mail them to you.

If Driving Your Camper to/from Camp

Kiwanis Camp Casey is located at the Camp Casey Conference Center, owned by the Seattle Pacific University, on Whidbey Island, Washington. Click here for driving directions.

Suggested arrival time to camp is between 11am and noon on Sunday (first day of camp).  Please plan to be at the camp to pick up your child no later than 9am on Saturday (final day of camp).

When dropping off or picking up your child at camp, please head first to the check in/out tent, placed next to the nurse’s station. Nurses and counselors will be present to assist you and your child. Parents/guardians should not leave camp until they have checked in with the nurse. 

Mail and Contact Information

Campers love to get mail while at camp. It takes a little while to get there, so mail early and often. Address your mail as follows:

(Your Camper’s Name)
Kiwanis Camp
C/o Casey Conference Center
1276 Engle Road
Coupeville, WA 98239

Helpful Hints to avoid Homesickness:

  • Pack together and talk about camp as you pack.
  • Make sure this will not be the first time your camper has stayed away from home overnight. Arrange for a sleepover at a friend’s house or with relatives.
  • Let your camper know it is okay to miss home, but that does not mean they cannot or will not still have fun.
  • Write your camper often. It is best to mail a letter or postcard the day before your camper leaves, and another on the day they leave for camp.
  • When writing to your camper, do not make reference to how lonely you feel without your camper.
  • If a family pet is sick or dies, please wait until your camper returns home to break the sad news.
  • Do not encourage your camper to call home if they get homesick. Campers do not have access to a phone and are not allowed to keep cell phones on their person.
  • Please remember, our Head Counselors and Head Nurse are well-trained in the area of homesickness. You will be notified if your camper experiences excessive homesickness.
  • Reassure your camper that you will be there to pick them up on the last day of camp.


If you have any questions about this information or camp in general, please contact us. The best way is by email ( or