Camp Casey has touched many lives and left a lasting impact on campers, counselors, parents, and volunteers alike. The true heart and soul of Casey is best expressed through the personal stories and voices of those who have experienced the warmth of Camp Casey. We encourage you to read testimonials from our campers (below), parents, and volunteers.

Ayanna, age 17

DSC_0332 212 years ago, I was a scared little six-year old clinging on to her parents for dear life as they sent me away into the unknown for a week. I thought camp was a place for broken children. Little did I know that it would soon become my favorite place in the world. Before camp, I refused to accept that I was different. I played on an able bodied tee ball team and going to a camp for disabled children seemed like the end of the world for me. But when I got to camp I realized that I am not so different after all. All of the campers were normal people with passions and dreams just like I had. When I came back after my first week I had a whole new outlook on life which has stuck with me all these years. Camp has made me the confident person I am today. I am no longer ashamed of my disability; I am proud of it. I have been blessed enough to have amazing friends at school and an amazing family at home; however, although they try to understand what I go through on a daily basis, they just can’t. Camp has given me a week-long break from the stares and the stereotypes that I have to fight to disprove every day. 

Maria, age 14

Camp Casey is a place where I am looked at not as “the girl with the disability” or “the girl who walks weird” but instead, I am looked at as Maria. This is simply one of many great things that immediately comes to mind when I think about Camp Casey. At Casey, we are all accepting of each other and ourselves. We are never singled out at Camp, unlike we are during most other events. At camp, everybody is one big happy family. We love each other and are there for each other in times that are tough. Camp Casey is my home away from home and the Casey Bunch is my family away from my typical life. Even after my first year at Camp Casey, I felt like I had known everyone forever. The Casey Bunch has become my second family and I know that will never change! Camp Casey is a place that bridges the gap between abilities and disabilities, and is truly a place where differences are embraced and uniqueness is admired. CASEY FOREVER!

Tyler, age 16

Camp Casey has everything I ever needed; friends, fun and even good food. This camp made me who I am now. I always thought that I was the only person with a disability, but I was dead wrong. On my first year of camp I was blown away to see how many people had to go through the same stuff I do every day. I made a lot of friends, and we always have stuff to talk about. I really enjoy having people with similar and also different situations around me. The counselors here make it so fun and exciting to come to camp. This camp is the best camp I have ever been to. Casey Forever!

Cameron, age 14

Cam laughsCamp means that I can still have fun during the summer with people just like me – same disability, same challenges. At camp I know that I am not the only only one having problems and that we are all in the same position. Every year I come back to camp to be with my friends and have new experiences. This year I got to move up to the Big Boys barracks which was really cool because I got to meet new people and go to bed as late as I wanted!

Cass, age 13

Cassy reads the parade songCamp Casey is very special to me because no one judges anybody here. Everyone has a different definition of home, but when we come to Camp Casey all of us feel like we are at home. None of us know each other at the beginning of the week but by the end of the week we feel like we have known each other our whole lives.