Brittany Gentry

Our son, Brent, had his first experience being a part of Camp Casey this past summer. This was the first time he was able to go to a camp with other children with disabilities. He was so excited to go, counting down the days and weeks prior. I’ll never forget the first thing he said to me when we picked him up after camp, “Mom, I think I just had the best week of my whole entire life.” Camp Casey is amazing and has given our son a perspective and experience that he will forever be affected by. I will be forever thankful he has gotten the chance, even if for only one week, to not be different and be just like everyone else. 

Mark and Grace Niklason

Having children with special needs can be overwhelming at times. Our oldest son Joshua and daughter Melissa were born with a neurological defect called Spina Bifida. The physical challenges made it difficult to participate in most activities in a typical way. They always managed to find their way. The Casey experience exemplifies the spirit of be who you are. 
The week of camping each summer was always looked forward to from the moment they would get off the bus. This was the kids amazing and crazy adventure. It was inconceivable that either of our children would forgo the week of planned chaos or miss a moment of the Casey experience. The experiences helped develop independence and life long friendships. We have been told, “What happens at Casey, stays at Casey”. We know thats not true, the memories and good times are shared with fond regard between the campers and counselors for a lifetime. It is a blessing to say we enjoyed 15 years of putting our kids in the hands of the Casey group. 
Thank you for providing a safe environment for an exhausting week of memories. May the good times at the camp called “CASEY” go on forever.

Ann Vining

DSC_0591What fun Jenny had! I only wish I had found out about the camp’s ability to handle kids with her medical problems earlier, so should could have had nine years at camp. I’m amazed that all this can be done by what is really a small organization. Camp means so much to the kids – but also to the families, and to the communities the kids will be better able to serve and participate in as they grow.